Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 38 - Music & Fishing

After discovering the little treasure of the Rainbow Warrior, I decided to tie up a few (in honor of that moment). I have my vise setup at the dining room table, which is out of the way from the TV. Wanting a little background noise, I ended up plugging my Zune up to the speakers.

I have over 3,000 songs on my Zune. The music ranges from ballet to arena rock. Bands like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles are next to the Clancey Brothers and Johnny Cash. While I can't hold a tune in a bucket or dance to save my life, music plays an "instrumental" part of my life (sorry for the pun). Other than rap or modern country (I like Cash) I can listen to just about anything.

I ended up setting the Zune to shuffle through the songs of Gaelic Storm. I decided to embrace my Scottish heritage, my love of beer, and my need for a fast paced beat. This band also produced what I consider my theme song, "Fish and Get Fat".

When I head on out to the stream (like I'm going to do tomorrow) I like to listen to a couple of bands to get me in the mood. Of course, I'll be listening to Gaelic Storm, but I'll probably also listen to a little Bluegrass band called Chasin' Steel. They've got some pretty good original songs, and have done some pretty good remakes of some classic songs.

However, once I get to the stream I leave my music in the car. I find it to be a distraction to the real purpose. I know some people will take their iPods out to the stream and jam out, however I prefer the music of the stream and the wind through the trees.

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