Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 49 - Fortunate Find

Tonight I decided that "Nash the Wonderpup" need to go for a walk. He was getting a little cabin fever and I thought the walk would calm him down before my wife came home. Plus, he wasn't the only one getting a little stir crazy. So, I grabbed his leash and we headed off on a walk around the neighborhood.

Previously, Nash and I would do the "loop", which consists of going around the block (which could be about a mile). However, today I wanted to do something different. Shortly after we moved here, I had noticed a sign over by the golf course. It looked as if there was a little trail over that way. I decided to do a little exploring. It was a good thing I did.

Just past the treeline was a path that led up to an embankment. And there in full autumnal glory was a small lake. An asphalt path lined the lake. The trees in their glorious farewell colors rimmed the lake. Off to my right, were a few ducks trailing each other like a military squad. And if that wasn't perfect enough, the sun was just at the correct height that gave everything a golden hue. I've been told by professional photographers that this a semi-rare phenomenon that is referred to as the golden moment.

Obviously Nash and I stopped to take in the beauty. I hadn't expected this lake to be here. My wife had told me that there was a lake that our community could use, but I had it figured out to be further north of us. Looks like I was mistaken.

I have been wanting a small lake to practice on. That or a field. Either one would have been fine, but this gem? This was a gold mine. The closest edge to the parking lot included a fishing dock, but it also included an unobstructed waterline. For those who are not anglers, this allows me to be able to backcast without worry of tangling up in the trees. Plus, I have a float tube that has been in my possession for a few years now and I never had an excuse to put it together. Now I do.

As Nash and I continued to soak in the moment, I noticed movement behind the fishing dock. Crawling up from the bank was a gentleman with fly rod in hand. Now this was just too perfect. Not only did I find a "secret" lake, but it seems inhabited by other fly anglers. The dog and I watched as he walked to the end of the fishing dock and made a few casts out into the water.

Now, fly fishing ethics deem that I should give this man some space. And I held out for about 5 minutes before I decided to introduce myself. As I walked down towards the dock, I happened to pass by his truck. The back window was covered in fly fishing decals and beer stickers. The plot thickens...

After introductions, we started talking about different streams to fish in the area. I mentioned to him that my wife and I just moved to the area and that I was still exploring areas to fish. I told him that this was a gem of a spot and I couldn't wait to get my rod to start doing some practice. We talked some more, and I soon discovered that he lives right up the street from me.

Now those of you that know me, understand that I always feel a little bit of a kindred spirit to other anglers. Yet when this gentleman described himself as a fishing bum, and that it didn't matter how he caught the fish (although he prefers a fly rod), I knew at that moment that I liked him.

I initially struggled with the idea of going for a walk with the Wonderpup. Yet, something prompted me to go exploring. I'm glad I did, for now I discovered my practice lake and possibly a new angling friend. I guess sometimes you have to give in to that little badgering voice, you never know what your fortune may hold.

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