Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 75 - Pre-Thanksgiving Party

I know, I know... technically this isn't day 75 as it is 12:16 AM when I writing this. To me it still is day 75 since I haven't gone to bed yet.

Tonight my wife and I hosted a young adult pre-Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We had about 13 people show up, and I think it was a success overall. Through the course of the night I got to speak to a few individuals about this blog (some read it, others were just curious).

I got to hear from them what they like (or would like) to hear about. It was encouraging to hear that people who don't fly fish have been reading the blog and getting something out of it. They mentioned that they like the humor that I put into this. Thank you, but I think all anglers have a wry sense of humor. I mean let's face it, we put limitations on ourselves to prove to a fish (who has a brain the size of a pea) that we have fooled them. Yeah for us!

During one talk this evening, I spoke with a woman who has never fly fished. She admitted that while she was never one to pick up a rod, she also felt a special connection to the Creator when outdoors. She seemed to be interested in the idea of fly fishing and I told a fishing story (for that is what I love to do) that included how a wild turkey scared the bejeezus out of me one time on the Kinni in River Falls, WI.

She asked if there were a lot of bloggers out there talking about fly fishing. I replied that there was a whole lot of us out here typing away into the electronic web. Knowing that she might relate better to a female writer, I told one memorable story by a lady who calls herself The Outdooress on why she wears only hip waders. It's a good story, and I recommend that you read her blog.

We who angle and then write do so because we love what we do. We want to share our passion so much that we want others to experience what we feel in our heart. In some way, you could call us Evangelists for the Church of the Babbling Brook. I like that, because as I said before there is something of the Almighty in the sport of fly fishing.

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  1. I gladly admit I follow that same religion, I've got another name for it that I've used for years, but yours, mine, all the same.
    That would be wonderful if she tried out fly fishing and hopefully your words and stories have inspired her. (and hopefully my wading experience didn't scare her, it was all great fun after the fact)
    Thank you for the shout out and I for one am grateful I discovered your corner of the Internet River. Always enjoying your words