Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 81 - Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, and all over the United States people are stuffing themselves with turkey and falling asleep on the couch watching football. Around dinner tables children are asked, "What are you thankful for?" Responses range from be thankful for puppies to Nintendo Wii to new baby brothers or sisters. This year I am thankful for my wife and her ongoing support of me.

It isn't easy, I'm sure, to live with me. I get moody and grumpy and tend to bark more than I wag. Nevertheless, my wife has been by my side through this last (and difficult) year. Having lost my job a year ago, she continues to work hard to bring in the money. She stepped it up when I decided to finish my MBA last spring, and she did all she could to make our move to
Greensboro a smooth one.

Recently, she has supported me in my pursuit of all things fly fishing. The last 81 days I've been on a journey to focus on fly fishing at least a little bit each day. My wife asks me each day if I have taken the time to do my daily writing. During this process she has even partaken on an adventure or two with me to the trout stream.

I'm also thankful for all the people who have encouraged me in this process. John and Rebecca you've made my day more than once. I look forward to fishing with you two in the future. Abigail, thank you for being my friend and the encouraging words you've given me on this adventure. Kyle while you're not an angler, I appreciate the fact that you enjoy these daily writings. Mitchell, I'm humbled by your fishing power on the Davidson. And to everyone else who have silently read these posts and appreciated my sense of humor. I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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