Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 82 - It Pays To Be Friendly...

Today was a good day. After saying goodbye to some friends that were visiting, we made our way to a ski swap. My wife is a pretty decent skier (or so I'm told) and we kind of wanted to see what the prices were for a new set of skis and a pair of boots for her. FYI, they cost as much as a new fly rod and reel. We didn't make any purchases along those lines, however we did purchase me a Lucky Yellow Hat: Winter Edition. It's a bright yellow beanie style hat made by the Turtle Fur.

As we were checking out, I made conversation with the lady behind the counter. She liked my choice of hat, and I told her that it would be my cold weather fly fishing hat. She perked up. She asked if I fly fish (which I thought I had just explained to her that I do, by anyway...) and said that she loves to fly fish as well. After selling my wife a purse (she needs a new purse like she needs a new hole in her head (which was seconded by my father-in-law)) she proceeded to tell me that she has a friend who has a little private trout stream that has had some recent stream improvement made. She joked how when she visits this friend she is told to grab the fly rod and catch a couple of wild trout so that they can be smoked for dinner that night.

(excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth)

It gets even better. She told me that I should come visit in the spring and that she could show me where some big wild trout are at. (CHA-ching!)

It's interesting the places that you meet fellow anglers. I wasn't expecting the middle aged woman behind the counter of a ski swap event to be a fellow member of the fly fishing club. I'm not saying that women can't fly fish, but I assumed that she would be more actively involved with skiing versus fly fishing. I was wrong, and I guess that is what happens when you assume...

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  1. See? People CAN both fly fish and ski...perhaps not at the same time, but they can have skills for both cold and warm seasons...

    (And I could say that you need a new fly rod like you need a hole in your head...)