Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 78 - H20 (That's Water)

Earlier this summer, I had what I believe to have been an episode of Heat Stroke. One of the after effects of this event is that I seem to be very aware of how little (or much) water I've been taking in. It doesn't make my life any better that I'm addicted to Pepsi (or Cheerwine). Nevertheless, I still try to drink more water than I did before.

Water is an interesting thing. Our bodies are said to be made up mostly of water. Biblically, water wasn't so much created but "hovered over" and that in Heaven there is a River of Life. We "break water" to be born, and if you are an evolutionist we can trace our roots back to water. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that NASA scientists are seeking water on the moon and on Mars.

So is it any wonder that as anglers we have a unique connectedness to it. We find our passion in the midst of streams, lakes, and oceans. The object of our desire lives in and breathes water. The food of trout, panfish (breem), bass, bonefish, tarpon, redfish... comes from the water. Yet, despite all of this, it's probably the last thing we think about when we go fishing.

At least that's the way it is for me. When I go fishing, I don't see a river, I see possible places for fish to be holding. I see a big rock or a down tree and think, "There, there is the residence of a big trout." I overturn rocks in the river and think, "The stream is full of Yellow Sallies, or caddis larvae." I put on my waders without thinking about water, but about staying dry.

Maybe the next time I'm out on the stream, I'll pause for just a moment and reflect on the life giving wonderful properties of water (maybe even while I take a sip of water from my Nalgene). For it is good clean water that allows me to pursue my sport, and it is good clean water that refreshes my soul. Just a small pause in a day of big fish I'm sure.

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