Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 103 - The Unveiling!!

As a heads up, I've been toying with the idea of moving to a different blogging service. While I like the use of, I think the use of Word Press may offer me some better opportunities in the future. Currently I'm posting on both sites, but I think by the end of the year I will be using strictly Word Press. If you'd like, you can visit the new site at:

So there it is, the idea manifested into reality. After writing yesterday's post, I started to think more about how I would like this pattern to be. I ultimately changed a few things, and I may still tinker with the idea some more. Here's a run down of what I changed.

I ended up changing the overall pattern to more of a streamer pattern. As such, I tied it on a Daiichi 2220, size 8. It's the same hook that I tied the Pink Slumpbuster on. It has a 4x-long shank and a 1x-strong wire. To keep this pattern more in character, I figured Wonder Woman is an Amazonian woman and as such they are big and strong. Figured this wasn't a bad way to go. I may have to tie a variation of this pattern if I want to tie in tandem with a Superman nymph.

Instead of using flat tinsel for the ribbing I decided to use wire. That's mainly a personal touch as I like the wire look better than the tinsel. You could say that I wanted to incorporate real metal into the design, but whatever... I think the outcome made it look pretty good.

I debated on how I wanted to do the black wings on the pattern. The two feather hackles over the back seemed to be a better approach for a streamer pattern versus tying in some paired feathers, such as black duck feathers. I imagine that the feathers will give the pattern a little "life" to the pattern when in the water.

Overall, I'm really proud of how this fly pattern came out. I may just have to tie up a box of them, that's how proud I am. I'd like to hear some feedback from some people, and would love to test this pattern out on different water. Any takers?

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