Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 89 - Not going to try to top yesterday

Well, I don't know how I'm going to top yesterday's blog. After the ruckus that I raised with my euphemisms I've completely turned a would be fly tyer away from the tying passion, but I did manage to gain some international awareness. So... what would you call that? A push?

As an FYI, I did manage to tie a pattern with my new found material, and I'm giving the resulting fly the nickname of Candy Cane. I'll do a piece on that in the future. Also, I'm told the lubricated variety works quite well. Something to ponder for the future.

Tonight, I managed to DVR the show How It's Made on the Science Channel. I was tipped off by a tweet that tonight's episode would show the production of a Ross Reel. This tripped my trigger in two ways: A) I happen to love Ross Reels B) As a student of the concepts of Lean & Agile, I love to see how processes are being done.

The show left me feeling a little wanting. I guess I was expecting more to come from the show, how it was made during every step. They did provide a little background on fly reels, but the narrator did very little to distinguish a fly reel from a spinning or a baitcaster. It was just lumped as fishing reel. I guess this just adds another proof that the general masses lumps fishing into one catch all category, and doesn't care one iota that as fly anglers we feel the need to differentiate ourselves from the normal worm dunkers.

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