Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 97 - Comedy and Super Heroes

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Today started out in a comedy of errors sort of way. A couple of days ago I was invited to go fishing today. Unfortunately at the time I had made other plans with some new friends and wasn't able to go. Last night, these new friends were not able to meet today as family members unexpectedly showed up in town and my friends were forced to reschedule with us (me and my wife). So, like any good fly angler I contacted my friend who wanted to go fishing and said, "Ummm... do you still want to go tomorrow?" As an FYI, this was around 10:00 PM last night. I received a reply shortly after saying sure. The plan was for me to meet at his place at 8:00 AM this morning. This would require me leaving my house around 6:00 AM. Because this if for fishing it's not a problem.

I wake up at 5:30 AM and check my iPhone. I have a new message stating that there was a hiccup and that the fishing trip was going to have to be postponed. A few more hours of sleep, sweet. Now I'm a little disappointed that I'm not able to go, however I still don't have all the Slumpbusters that I need to tie up finished, so it worked out OK.

While getting Christmas presents for my niece and nephew, we ended up stopping at Books-A-Million. As I always do at this store, I made my way back to the magazine stand and took a look at the latest fly fishing magazines. Fly Tyer has an interesting article about Super Hero flies. The article is about flies that are inspired by comic book super heroes. The Superman nymph is complete with classic Superman outstretched arms in blue. The Green Arrow and The Dynamic Duo (Batman & Robin for you non comic book educated readers) also appear in the article. The article showed numerous pictures of other heroes, but said they would like to hear from the readers and were directed to the Fly Tyer Forum online.

Now I grew up reading comic books. I love the idea and I miss my Superman sheets (however I'm sure my wife is glad that they are a thing of the past). Superman has always been my hero of choice and Wonder Woman has been my wife. So you can still see that they influence me on some level. What a novel idea to combine fly fishing with comic book heroes. Now, if the fly patterns catch fish it would be an intriguing concept to have a fly box full of these patterns. Maybe you could even add a few stickers or decals to the fly box to add a little pizzazz. Nothing like catching a monster brookie with a Wolverine inspired fly. A big brown with a Green Lantern? How about a rainbow trout on a Wonder Woman? Yeah, I'm really digging this idea.

Kudos to they men and women at Fly Tyer for coming up with this idea, it may not be a thing for everybody, but I think it is something I might be able to get behind.

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