Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 105 - A Visit From Superman

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It is yet another day of Super Hero inspired flies. Today, I was visited by the Son of Krypton himself: Superman. The allure to have a fly box themed to DC comics is starting to become a reality. I now have a couple of Wonder Woman patterns tied up, and am starting my collection of Superman patterns. I did manage to coax the wallet open for $7.50 to purchase some blue wire, fuschia holographic tinsel, black micro tubing (couldn't find blue), and some red floss.

I was amazed at how well this pattern came together. Normally I can't find the right hook or the right bead or whatever. I usually end up having to tie an interpretation built around what I have versus what the pattern calls for. I actually ended up having the majority of the material, and only had to purchase a few items.

While tying the pattern, it ended up coming together pretty well. I was afraid that I might have to pitch the first few patterns into the Crap Jar, but the photograph above is actually the first fly. The shellback is a little off center, but I can work on that for the next patterns. Everything else was pretty easy. I was afraid that I was going to have some uneven legs, but I realized that if I tie them long in the back I can just trim them. Problem solved.

Up next on the docket for the Super Hero list is the Green Arrow pattern. I'll finish tying up a few more Superman patterns and Wonder Woman patterns, but the Green Arrow is next. While I do have the exact materials for the Green Arrow, I've already decided that I am going to make a variation. Through my sample acquiring, I managed to gather some olive quick sink dubbing. It's basically steel wool that has been colored. I plan on using the olive color for the body. I figure it will help weigh down the fly and I really like the color of it. When I get it tied up I'll let you all vote on whether or not you like the color as well.

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