Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 88 - It's Called A Condom

OK, I swear I didn't set this photo up. I just happened to be perusing the local bookstore and found these two books together. I found it hilarious. I think someone was trying to decide on saving a marriage or catching a big trout. The sex book is here and a slot for the fly tying book is missing... Hmmmmm, I think there is a broken marriage out there.

Somehow, I thought this beginning would be a perfect way to start off today's blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it.

So today I spent more time than I would normally care to standing in numerous stores staring at their family planning section (that would be the section were they carry a Soldier's Raincoat). Now I'm not trying to drop a hint about my love life. I was in search of a new fly tying material. Yeah... I know... (shakes head bashfully)

It all started a few weeks ago when I was searching YouTube videos for Czech Euro Nymphing techniques and tactics. I stumbled upon Vladi's worm. Vladi, in case you're not in the know, is pretty much the founder of the Czech Euro Nymphing style. I was curious about this worm and discovered that it was tied with the Purple Warrior's Armor. I laughed out loud.

Then I met up with my new buddy John. During our conversation and introduction, he presented me with a Vladi worm. What I had seen on the Internet was now pinned on my vest. Something about this screamed wrong. Yet still, it was a pretty good looking pattern even if it was tied using a Weenie Beanie.

To top it off, today I was reviewing one of the blogs I subscribe to. In it was a pike pattern that has a full Missile Mask tied to the rear of the hook as a giant "rubber" tail. I kid you not (no pun intended there), check out the photo (and blog) here.

After being bombarded with all these Muzzle Loaders, I decided that I should give it a whirl. Now there's just one problem, the video doesn't mention what brand to use. Furthermore, should the Acorn Shell be of the lubricated variety? After some thought, I decided that it probably would be best if it wasn't. Besides the fact that it might make it difficult to handle during the wrapping of the fly, I figure it just wouldn't be polite to the trout.

Off to Target I went. I stood in the aisle (stunned by the variety) searching for a package that didn't say lubricated. I found one, at least so I thought. After purchasing the box of Gent Tents, I headed to my car. Curious (it did kill the cat), I opened the box only to find that I did in fact purchase the lubricated variety. Shoot! Can't really return this product now can I?

Off to the grocery store. No dice. Really?? Is it that hard not to find a Pickle Jar in the non lubricated variety? Evidently so. At this point, I took a break and got my haircut. Afterwards, I headed to the corner drugstore. Success! I managed to find the Greek Warriors brand in the non lubricated.

Hurrying home, I headed to my vise and put a #12 3x long nymph hook in the vise. I opened the package only to find my Chicken Coop to be of the pale white variety. The Vladi worm is tied in pink. Now what?


  1. Just when your entries were starting to inspire me to try fly tying again and wham....I read this highly entertaining, but, well, just but....

    Fly Tiers, you all are a crazy bunch. But if the fly catches fish, can I buy one from you? (grin)

  2. Great read, very entertaining! LOL

    I've heard using strips cut from latex gloves might work about the same....but provides a completely different shopping experience.

  3. That Durex condom pike streamer has caught me several fish and I have sold 20 or so in the last 5 weeks.
    Here's the full story behind it's inception.

  4. And by the way,lubricated for some reason has been more productive than a none lubricated. Look at buying a couple of lumo ones that glow in the dark....great for low light conditions.

  5. Oh, and lastly, I've focused on fly-fishing everyday for the last 17 yrs.Obsessed for want of a better word,comes to mind.

  6. I am glad to see enjoying the Vladi worm I gave you, wonder if the ribbed for her pleasure would work well during the spawn?